Editing services

Copy/line editing service for independent authorscropped-word-art.jpeg

The copy-edit stage is a very thorough proofread that will address spelling, punctuation and grammar. For a line edit  you’ll also receive suggestions to improve flow, clarity, style, tone and consistency; and suggestions for minor problems with areas such as character or point of view.

To decide on the level of edit your manuscript needs, I will first look at your synopsis and the first few pages and then undertake a sample edit. This will allow us to agree on what the edit will involve before I provide you with an accurate price and confirmed timings.
To give you an idea, these are some of the areas a copy/line edit will address:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Text-based consistency e.g. hyphenation, italics and capitalisation
  • Story-based consistency e.g. character names and hair colour
  • Unclear phrasing
  • Repetition
  • Sentence structure
  • Language and word choice e.g. anachronisms and keeping with the voice and style
  • Basic fact-checking e.g. brand names, place names and historic events
  • Tracking of the timeline
  • Point of view and tenses
  • Potential legal issues

It might be that your manuscript isn’t quite ready for copy-editing yet, in which case I can offer you a critique where I’ll look at some of the more technical aspects of the writers’ craft such as story arc, character development and structure. Alternatively, I can signpost you to some useful tools on self-editing, including my blog, so that you can progress your novel as far as you can yourself.

Once the copy-edit is complete, you will receive from me:

  • A thoroughly checked manuscript, with my recommended changes tracked directly on to the Word document
  • A separate commentary with suggestions on any technical improvements such as show not tell, or voice
  • A stylesheet that sets out the conventions, tracks details of key characters and places and has a glossary

If you’d like to discuss things further, please email me about your manuscript.
It would be help if you could tell me its length, genre and your deadline.

Copywriting and copy-editing for businesses

I work with businesses and organisations to write,  edit, or something in between Business word artthe two, marketing collateral such as website content, blog posts, reports, brochures and newsletters.

Each project is different, and  so the approach and service you need will vary to meet your requirements. For SMEs I tend to provide a more holistic marketing service, and often write copy from scratch. For larger organisations I may edit the document after it has passed through several rounds in-house to check for consistency and clarity.

I usually charge an hourly rate and work to a pre-agreed budget. If you would like to discuss your editing or copywriting needs, please email me and we can take things from there.